Roseville Apple Blossom

Roseville Pottery introduced the Apple Blossom pattern early in 1948. Because it is a later line, it is highly available on the secondary market. It was produced in three color schemes, “Coral”, “Apple Green”, and “Aqua Blue”. Featuring brown branches as handles and hand-painted flowers, many collectors actively seek them. A 1952 catalog of the jewel Tea Company reads as follows:

       “Make your home lovely and livable with Roseville Pottery. These beautifully designed pieces are the creations of Roseville Pottery Inc, well known makers of fine pottery. The craftsmen who produced them have devoted a lifetime to the art of pottery making. The enthusiasm and ability they have for their chosen work is reflected in the infinite care, profound skill, and originality of each exquisite piece. The design on this satin-textured, hard-fired pottery is as gay as spring itself.”

       “Each piece is carefully hand painted under multi-color glaze; attractively decorated in dainty sprays of apple blossoms. Handles simulate apple branches. The shape of these vases lend themselves readily to a variety of attractive floral arrangements for every room in your home. Natures own soft colors are harmonious with every color scheme. Choose the pieces you want in Coral, Aqua Blue, or Apple Green for your own home or for gifts to others.”