Roseville Futura

When Roseville introduced the Futura pattern to the public in 1928 in met with resistance. Widely considered to be the most diverse pattern, collectors love Roseville Futura.  No other line produced by The Roseville Pottery Company could compare with the artistry and complexity. No common design exists in the 80 different shapes, all attributed to Frank Ferrell, the master designer. The only common thread is an emphasis on geometric, Art Deco and Surrealistic elements. However, Futura is a dramatic break with previous art nouveau designs.

The colors appear strong, but blended. the colors include shades of blue, blue/green, pink/green, brown/yellow, mottled brown, tans, browns, oranges, emerald green, deep maroon, shades of gray, red/pink, and mauve/purple. Three different glazes occur: a matte finish, a high gloss and a much-prized crystalline matte glaze. Only four floral designs grace Futura: a stylized moonflower, bamboo leaves, pinecone and thistle.

This is one of the highest priced and most collected patterns of all Roseville lines. Some pieces are extremely difficult to locate, especially the “Tank Vase” and the “Chinese Bronze”. Collectors have given names to every item in the Futura line in order to more easily identify them. Some of the more colorful are Emerald Urn, Beehive, Bomb, Spaceship, Ostrich Egg and Michelin Tire. This pattern never has raised or incised marks on the base of as found on later Roseville lines. The famous black or silver label may occasionally remain, however usually red or orange crayon markings give the catalog number under the glaze. Sometimes deals occur at auctions because this pattern goes unrecognized.