Roseville Pottery Snowberry

One of the last of the lines portraying their signature floral motifs, the 1947 release of the Snowberry pattern was typical. It came with a smooth satin finish like previous lines. Although 52 shapes were advertised, 62 are known. This pattern borrowed most of the shapes from previous lines.  Even the three color schemes were hardly original. Still, Roseville Pottery produced a a solid line with this offering, and it sold well. Today, these pieces are widely available in antique stores and auctions. This pattern makes a great starting place for a collection of American art pottery, especially on a budget.

The following is the text from an ad in the July 1947 Good Housekeeping Magazine:

“New… and beautiful! Snowberry! So exquisitely different, so tastefully decorative. Round white berries on a dainty twig. 52 lovely pieces… hand-painted under glaze… in Persian Blue, Fern Green, Dusty Rose. The right gift choice for every occasion. At better stores.”