Roseville Zephyr Lily

The Roseville Pottery introduced the Zephyr Lily pattern in 1946. Because they remain easy to find at auctions and antique stores, it is one of the more inexpensive lines to collect. Although white blossoms were common, yellow, rose, and lavender appear. Indeed, often pieces will have more than one color of blossoms. Three color schemes ensured a match with any decor. Roseville marketed the colors as Evergreen, Sienna, and Bermuda Blue. Like a rippling pool, background textures portrayed a soothing pond. All pieces carried marks on the bottom reading “Roseville” in relief, along with the shape number. Frank Ferrell designed this line, as he did the majority of the other popular lines. Finally, there were 51 shapes in the Roseville Zephyr Lily Line. It is a good pattern to begin with for collecting vintage American art Pottery.